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The Intelligent Motion Labratory (IML) is led by Professor Kris Hauser. Starting in the Spring of 2017 and continuing through the Summer via a generous REU sponsorship, I've been working with Ph.D. student Fan Wang designing a robot attachment to robustly actuate switches, buttons, knobs, and other electronic input forms designed for human use. The project is part of a larger one to create a nursing robot named TRINA. Our project involves two primary components: (1) refining a standalone system which can consistently and autonomously actuate a wide variety of buttons, and (2) integrating the standalone system on the Baxter robot and coordinate motion planning to reach desired buttons with minimal manipulability at the end joint configuration. As of Fall 2017, we're taking a break from the project after having submitted a paper proposal to ICRA. Check out this video to see the PPU standalone system in action.

Duke Electric Vehicles 2016 prototype vehicle

The Duke Electric Vehicles club competes in the Shell Eco-marathon each year against around 160 teams from all over North and South America to create the most efficient car possible. We have historically competed in the battery-electric prototype category in which the team has steadily improved over the years to finally win 1st place this past year. This coming year, we are working on developing an entirely new hydrogen fuel cell car in addition to improving the battery-electric prototype car. I am coleading the hydrogen effort with my good friend and colleague Shomik Verma under the supervision of club president Patrick Grady and faculty advisor Dr. Josiah Knight. We all look forward to tackling the enormous challenges to come with the many ambitious goals involved with winning first place in two categories this year.

Starting in September 2017, I've been helping Mark Draelos and Brenton Keller who are working on computer-assisted surgery guided by three-dimensional imaging. Specifically, I have been designing replicas of corneas for them to be able to perform testing more easily and with much greater volume than their previous testing with limited cadaver corneas.

Solar Benches Installation
In this project, I am leading a team of 5-10 fellow students to install solar powered phone chargers and night-time LED-lighting on Duke University's iconic blue-topped swinging benches. The project was started in early 2016 under the Duke University Smart Home and I took leadership starting the summer of 2016. As of Summer 2017, we have 2 completed installations on campus with plenty more to come in the Fall as well as plans to add live energy statistics available online, laptop chargers, and a host of other technologies to push the limits of small-scale solar powered systems. Prototyping has been possible thanks to funding from the Duke Student Government, Duke's Engineering Student Government, Duke's Energy Initiative Fund, and the Duke Smart Home. Duke's Housing, Dining, and Residential Life (HDRL) management has been and will be playing a major role in funding campus installations.
Math Study Group Example

For much of my high school and college careers, I've been involved in tutoring or TAing in various capacities and settings. I've historically viewed it as a way simultaneously to give back where I can and to refresh and solidify my knowledge. Click the dropdowns to see more details.

Math Study Groups are designed to serve as supplemental recitations where we work through problems from a worksheet and/or any unclarities students may have. I've been running them for 3 semesters now (Fall 2016 - present) and have led Multivariable Calc., Linear Algebra, and Diff. Eq. Some worksheet examples are available here.

Teaching Assistant - I've been TAing since Fall 2016 and I've TA-d:

  • EGR201 grading/OH (Statics).
  • ECE230 lab (Microelectronics)
  • CS201 recitation (Data Structures+Algorithms)
  • EGR103 lab (intro to Matlab, LaTeX, etc)

Peer Tutoring is a program at Duke for students to get free one-on-one tutoring by a (paid) peer. I tutored multivariable calculus and linear algebra from Fall 2016 to Spring 2017.

America Reads America Counts is a program where Duke students go to local elementary and middle schools to help in the classroom, both in one-on-one and group settings.

Kumon Math and Reading Center of Fox Chapel - is a franchise of the Kumon program. There, I created personalized curriculums, tutored, graded, and communicated with parents among other things. Kumon covers pre-counting to Calc 2 and ABC's to Shakespeare, with the majority of students in late elementary school.

Private Tutoring - I tutored privately on both paid and volunteer bases.

Math Help Room was a place at school where students could get help on homework or studying during homeroom.

Volunteers of America aimed to improve literacy and math skills amongst low income children.