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AWS backend

BibTeX-to-HTML Citation Generator

Mar. 27, 2020

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bibtex references generator (IEEE format)

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BibTeX is awesome. It’s an effortless way to keep track of citations which most any publisher offers for papers. It contains the metadata for citations which can then be used when writing LaTeX documents. Sometimes, though, I just want a quick and easy way to generate citation(s) for a given bibtex file (ie quick reference in a powerpoint slide) without creating a “dummy” latex file just to get one citation. That’s why I created this automatic citation maker. Upload your bibtex file and it will generate a list of citations in HTML/text form.

Code Overview

The file upload uploads the bib file to an AWS S3 bucket and triggers an AWS Lambda instance to begin processing. The Lambda instance converts the bib file to an HTML bibliography using pandoc with the help of a template tex file, and re-uploads the HTML file to S3 so that your browser can fetch it.

Some notes:


The code is very disorganized and lacking documentation. Contact me if you have any questions.