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The Square-1 puzzle was sold in this shape with instructions for turning it back to a cube. This is halfway through a vertical turn.

Permutation Solver


Please refer to Square-1: A Theoretical Perspective, Step 2: Cubify the Puzzle for how to decode this into moves.

This solver helps put edges/corners in the right pattern to make the puzzle into the correct cube shape.

Powered by PyScript!!!


[[fetch]] files = ['']
Top      Bot    (3 half-faces split)
from js import document from pyodide.ffi import create_proxy from topology import State, IntermediateState import topology print("Constructing graph...") graph = topology.construct_graph() print("Done constructing graph.") def process_inputs(event): try: input1_value = document.getElementById('input1').value input2_value = document.getElementById('input2').value print(f"Got: Input 1: {input1_value}, Input 2: {input2_value}") intermediate_state = IntermediateState(input1_value, input2_value) result = topology.query_configuration(graph, intermediate_state) document.getElementById('output').innerText = topology.path2str(result) except Exception as e: document.getElementById('output').innerText = f"Error: {e}" document.getElementById('output').innerText = "Ready :)" proxy = create_proxy(process_inputs) document.getElementById('enterButton').addEventListener('click', proxy) proxy(None) # Run once to initialize

Usage (Brief Summary)

0 = edge, 1 = corner

Read the top-face clockwise and type it into the first text box. Read the bottom-right half-face clockwise and type it into the second text box. Click “Solve”.

The resulting solution is expressed as a sequence of configurations. Here’s how to read an example one:

Top      Bot    (3 half-faces split)
11001100-0101	(0101-1100-1100)            split the top-face into 1100,1100 to move 1100 to the bottom
11100010-1100	(00010-1100-111)            split the top-face into 00010,111 to move 00010 to the bottom
1111001-00010	(00010-1001-111)            split the top-face into 1001,111 to move ??? to the bottom

In my head, I think about:

  1. First figure out where I’m supposed to split the top-face by using the right column
  2. Next figure out which of the 2 half-faces I’m supposed to move to the bottom by using the left column of the next row
  3. Execute the slice move
  4. Double check that my top matches the left-column of the next row
  5. Repeat